A Brief Introduction To Viasil

Viasil is a male sexual performance enhancer that helps men obtain and maintain a strong, powerful erection thereby improving overall fitness and increasing sexual desire with minimal side effects.



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Viasil Singapore → A Natural Viagra Alternative

There are many men who seek a remedy to say goodbye to their sexual problem, reading the opinions, reviews and comments on the most effective products on the forums, on the web and on social media. as you can read on this forum, Viasil food supplement in tablets receives positive opinions, because it increases the amount of nitric oxide available in your body, dilates the blood vessels, gives you more energy and allows the blood to circulate better, you will therefore have the stamina needed to get bigger, stronger and harder erections.

Discover now how beautiful it is to return to having sex as before, join the thousands of men who have used and who will be successfully using Viasil! this supplement allows you to prepare for real sex marathons, they give you a lot of energy and therefore you will have much more energy in the short and long term to finally have the opportunity to have sex without getting tired and without having long recovery times.


Viasil is a dietary supplement with a male performance enhancing effect, with all-natural ingredients.

It works through a combination of organic compounds that work by increasing ATP, ADP and nitric oxide, vital mediators of oxygenation, and supplying blood and energy to the entire body, including the male sexual organ. One of its greatest attributes is the careful mixture of pure elements that together, promise to completely transform the sexual sphere.

Viasil performs its greatest effects with respect to male sexual performance, since it increases the size, duration, control and strength of the erection in men who take it; But it also boosts libido, increases overall energy levels throughout the body, increases concentration, and decreases stress levels.


Put simply, Viasil ensures that the two energy systems ATP and ADP in your body communicate better with each other again. You will experience more desire, endurance and strength.

Viasil also supports your mitochondria in nitrogen production. The contained citrus fruits immediately convert more ATP and nitrogen.

The natural ingredients also contain antioxidants. These have a calming effect if the sex initially triggers fear and stress in you.

Viasil does not add any chemical processes from outside. Everything you need for a full sex life already exists in your body. The functions naturally become weaker with increasing age. The biological active ingredients in Viasil reactivate your body.

In concrete terms, this means that Viasil supports you on four levels:

  • More energy
    Your mitochondria are active and the blood flows into your penis faster. You will feel the energy shortly after taking Viasil.

  • A stronger and harder erection
    The stronger nitrogen production relaxes the arteries in your penis. This will make your erection stronger and harder.

  • More strength and endurance
    The synthesis of ATP and ADP gives you more strength and improved endurance.

  • Increased sexual desire
    The natural ingredients also increase your sexual desire. With Viasil you can rebuild your self-confidence in bed.


Viasil has a unique formula made up of 100% natural ingredients which together improve physical performance in general and sexual performance in particular. Each of these compounds has marked advantages for improving each other and obtaining a synergistic effect. These ingredients are:

Citrus Sinensis: it works in two ways. The first is to increase the respiratory capacity of the mitochondria and the second is to block the loss of protons in the mitochondria. In this way, Citrus Sinensis improves ATP production by providing energy to the user when it is needed. That's not all, because Citrus Sinensis increases the amount of oxygen available to the user's muscle cells, which means greater resistance.

Pomegranate extract : this ingredient is very rich in nitrates and polyphenols. These compounds work together to increase the production of nitric oxide, which in turn improves the quality of circulation. Polyphenols in turn increase the amount of substrates available to the mitochondria, thereby increasing energy levels. Another important aspect of this ingredient is that it is a very powerful antioxidant.

Ginkgo Biloba :

this ingredient has become one of the most popular ingredients for improving sexual function. And for good reason, this plant has a positive effect on the production of nitric oxide and on vasodilation. It maximizes blood circulation in the genital area and also increases sexual desire. This ingredient contains high levels of terpenoids and flavonoids which fight free radicals and their damaging effects on tissues and blood vessels.

Tribulus Terrestris :

it is a very important ingredient in Viasil. It has been used throughout history as part of traditional Chinese medicine to increase libido and sexual desire in general. It improves the quality of the immune system and has an antidepressant effect.

Panax Ginseng extract

has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac to improve sexual behavior in many cultures; traditional Chinese medicine being the best known and best documented. This ingredient is famous for its ability to reduce stress and improve sexual performance.

Epimedes (Epimedium Brevocorum) :

it is known for its ability to improve sexual performance. Epimedium Brevocorum may inhibit the release of PDE5, an enzyme responsible for reducing blood flow. By reducing PDE5, circulation increases. This ingredient also increases the production of male hormones and increases the sexual drive.

Zinc :

it is a naturally occurring element in the earth. Often overlooked, this mineral is very useful in protein synthesis. It improves the production of male hormones, and therefore has a positive impact on fertility and reproduction. Zinc also has an effect on cell recovery speed and sperm production.


Viasil is used daily as a therapy for a longer period. So that the ingredients do not lose their effect on your body, you should take a break every 3-4 months. Aside from the immediate effect on your bloodstream, you can increase muscle strength four-fold after four weeks, and your erection will be twice as strong after six weeks as before Viasil.

The best thing about Viasil, however, is that you don't have to worry because the active ingredients are 100% natural . This way you can take Viasil every day and do not have to worry about unwanted side effects, you can only enjoy the positive effects.


The recommended dose to start Viasil is one tablet, 30 minutes before sexual activity begins. However, significant effects have been reported in some men 30 seconds after taking the tablet.

Viasil can be taken once a day and it is recommended to take it for at least 4 weeks in a row to see changes and improvements in sexual potency. One of the general recommendations is to take a break every 3 to 4 months to prevent the body from becoming indifferent to the effects of this supplement.


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